• Design Communication

    Throughout my career, I’ve worked in both large and small teams to design features and manage their implementation. I’ve had experience writing game documentation for a number of different clients. Whether it’s writing design specs for engineers, pitching to publishers, or panel discussions, I know how to communicate design for the audience.

  • Game Scripting

    I’m a self-taught game scripter. Fast design iteration is always my goal. Much of my professional work comes from in the form of game scripting. My strongest skillset is currently in C# and Lua, but I’ve put together content in a variety of proprietary scripting languages. I’m a fast learner and always working on some project to hone my skills.


    I confess… I went to Art school. Luckily, my art background has come in handy a number of times on projects when prototypes or presentations needed the right aesthetics. Below is a sample of game art I worked on, along with various sketches.

z314 ninjette nexi blank blank blank Globabber Factory Plunder Isle AH posideon warlord blank blank